Hello everyone - Shawn here.

Something I have always strived for is to make progress with the band. In 27 years, The Shackshakers have worked hard to perform at many quality places, and along with the numerous hitmaking performers that we have. It is unfortunate that the “Perfect Storm” is happening for night clubs, casinos, events, dancers and bands. There's a lot that could be said, numerous factors to blame...complaining or finger pointing won't help bring back live entertainment from the drastic decline it is going through. 

There is not much left for quality live entertainment venues and with the limited budgets they apparently have, there are enough willing hobby bands to fill those openings. Something I have learned along the way is that you have to spend money to make money, and you get what you pay for. 

So it comes at a very opportune time that I have recently received two very exciting opportunities with entertainment companies based in California. These are chances for progress that I am certainly not going to pass up (and sun....need sun!), so it is for business and personal reasons that Darlene & I will be moving in August after our summer shows.

We have been extremely fortunate to have the talents of Tom, Nic, Todd, Kimber & Phil since we returned to the area in 2000. We appreciate all of their hard work and personal effort into making the music machine run so smoothly. The current lineup has been a true pleasure to work with, and we have some good laughs together...it has been a treat to have such a drama-free work environment. It is rare when an entire band gets along so well, and it shows in our performances. It is frustrating to have a good product...and the market just isn't there. As with any job, a person has to go where the work is.

What has helped keep us busy almost every weekend in the Mid-West for the past 15 years is the unbelievable faithfulness of our fellow Shackshaker supporters. The frequency that so many of you have come to see us, and distances traveled….it is amazing, and YOU are the reason that we have stayed so busy. We have a sizeable following and we can’t thank you enough for creating that demand. Across Canada and the US, we have always been one of the consistently busiest bands in the music business because of the quality we have maintained and an ever-growing following. We’ve seen our share of bands and clubs come and go.

The good news is that we will continue to record and create some fun music for you to enjoy - this is not THE END. There will be more Shackshaker music in the years to come, and if you get out West to enjoy some sunshine, bring your dancing shoes along. We plan to do the occasional show for special events in that area. Who knows, if some MN or WI event or venue remembers us a few years from now, we might come back for an evening to provide some entertainment.

In the meantime, The Shackshakers have 3 months left of fun performances in MN & WI that we hope to see you at…“the dance” isn't over yet! Make a point to come out and shake a few more shacks with us this summer.

We’ll have details up soon of a special evening coming up at the Grand Rapids, MN Eagles on August 1st.
We hope you mark your calendar to be there. 

You have no idea how much we have appreciated each and every one of you…
(except the drunks that yell “Freebird!”. We can do without them).

27 years is one heck of a good run.